SIA plane makes emergency landing in Bangkok after smoke detected

A Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight that took off from Singapore and was heading to Dhaka, Bangladesh on Monday was diverted to Bangkok after "indications of smoke" from the aircraft's rear cargo hold.

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Here is a statement from Singapore Airlines' spokesman, Nicholas Ionides:

"Flight SQ446 operating between Singapore and Dhaka on April 22 diverted to Bangkok as a result of indications of smoke from the aircraft's rear cargo hold.

Extinguishing agents were discharged in the cargo hold and the aircraft landed uneventfully shortly after 8pm, Bangkok time.

Passengers and crew disembarked safely from the aircraft using stairs and emergency services tended to the rear cargo hold.

Passengers were provided hotel accommodation and meals. They were transferred to another airline Tuesday morning to continue their travel to Dhaka.

Singapore Airlines is providing full co-operation to the investigating authorities. Singapore Airlines is also carrying out our own investigations.

The aircraft, an Airbus A330, will be flown back to Singapore once checks have been carried out and the Thai authorities have given clearance for it to depart Bangkok."

SQ 446 was carrying 105 passengers and 12 crew on board. The Straits Times reported that they were unhurt during the emergency landing.

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