Lianhe Zaobao launches web application for iPad, Android tablets

Chinese daily Lianhe Zaobao will launch its web application for the iPad and Android-powered tablets on Dec 28.

Online users will be able to download the free application and enjoy the free trial of the web application from Dec 28 to Jan 11.

It offers users the latest news through a digital and mobile platform and features content from the print edition, including all major sections of the Chinese daily.

The application's breaking news service will also offer daily real-time news from 7am to 9pm. Previously, offered breaking news from 9am to 6pm daily.

Lianhe Zaobao's web application also offers an enhanced reading experience with a vibrant and easy-to-navigate layout, accompanied by high-resolution news photos.

Major news highlights from the print edition are also featured on the web application's homepage.

Mr Robin Hu, Senior Executive Vice President, Chinese Newspapers & Newspaper Services, said: "Over the years, SPH has invested heavily in emerging new media platforms. The arrival of iPad and Android-powered tablets has added both pleasure and variety to the reading experience, and this creates new opportunities and excitement for the newspaper marketplace.

"I'm happy to see that our 88-year-old Lianhe Zaobao is now available in print, online and on tablet computers, providing loyal and new readers alike with timely news around the clock, at work, at home and on the move."

Mr Goh Sin Teck, Editor of Lianhe Zaobao, said: "Launching the web application for Lianhe Zaobao is our promise to readers in providing them with an all-round news coverage.

"It has also helped to mould the editorial team's perception of how newsroom operations has changed with technology. Increasing the breaking news service by five hours not only provides more real-time news for readers, it also helps to attract more online readers. This new development will lay a strong foundation in how Lianhe Zaobao will progress in the future."

Online users will be able to access Lianhe Zaobao's web application from 8am on Dec 28. They can access the link to download the web application from their iPad and Android tablet computers.

The free trial will end on Jan 11 next year.

Details of the subscription rates for the Lianhe Zaobao digital package will be announced on a later date in Jan 2012.

The first 3,000 users to download the web application will be entitled to a ticket worth $21 to catch the "A Moving Masterpiece: The Song Dynasty As Living Art" exhibition currently showing at the Singapore Expo.

The interactive exhibition will end on Feb 6 next year.