iPad-wielded waiters will serve you

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN, Brunei - WAITRESS in restaurants will soon be wielding iPads and iPods to take your orders as local startup Cubebox Solutions will soon be introducing this technology to Brunei next year.

Based on state-of-the-art technology from the United States, the mobile point of sales (POS) system is an intelligent combination of cloud computing, wireless technologies and the touch screen interface of the world's most popular tablet.

"The system, called POSLavu, is a POS software application that takes full advantage of Apple's iPad and iPhone technologies. It's a smart and complete solution that will fulfill point of sale needs of many restaurants in Brunei," said King Seh Horng, co-founder of Cubebox Solutions.

Being mobile and wireless, it allows the waiter to take and send orders from within the network.

Horng said that detailed reports, kitchen display, mobile ordering, credit card swiping and wireless printing will work in sync through this app. "Each and every dish will be photographed and programmed on the application. The waiter goes to the table and takes the order from the wireless touch screen device," he said.

"So even before they've left the table, the order is already in the kitchen," he added.

Payments can also be processed from the tableside.

Speaking to The Brunei Times, Horng revealed that POSLavu's highly intuitive interface will save training time, increase efficiency and reduce waste from error.

"Up until now, the most advanced ordering system used by waiters/waitresses in a Brunei restaurant is the PDA (personal digital assistant), while the rest still use the traditional pen and paper. We believe that this newsolution is the way for thefuture, and that the handwritten stuff has to go," he said, adding that many local restaurantshave expressed their interestfor such a solution to be implemented in their operations.

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