Singapore Net speeds faster than Japan's

SINGAPORE - Internet-access speeds in Singapore last month were faster than those in South Korea and Japan, according to a study cited by Minister for Communications and Information Yaacob Ibrahim yesterday.

The data from broadband-testing firm Ookla showed that Singapore's average download speed was 39,149kbps last month.

This was faster than Japan's (37,852kbps) and South Korea's (33,432kbps) for the same period.

However, Singapore ranked lower than Hong Kong, which clocked in a speed of 43,739kbps.

Dr Yaacob said the study showed that Singapore's Internet-access speeds have increased since 2010 and Singapore has "overtaken a few countries".

He was replying to Jurong GRC Member of Parliament Ang Wei Neng's question on whether there are plans to improve broadband speed here.

Mr Ang asked the question on the back of a recent report showing that Singapore's broadband speed lagged behind that of South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong.

The report by Internet specialist Akamai Technologies measured the average connection speed in countries during the third quarter of last year.

At an average connection speed of 4.9Mbps during that period, Singapore was behind South Korea (14.7Mbps), Japan (10.5Mbps) and Hong Kong (9Mbps).

While Akamai's report "ranks Singapore some positions lower", Dr Yaacob said: "The results point in the same direction, namely that Singapore is among the leading group of countries in broadband-access speed."

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