Do you see the regulations as having an impact on online discourse and readers' comments?

Readers' comments, especially anonymous ones, are a global problem. They can be toxic.

If we were to give it more time, the civility will probably increase. But I think in Singapore, we're not willing to be so patient. For that reason, some have accused us of being a nanny state.

I see the rule as an effort to make online discourse more civil, but the Ministry of Communications and Information doesn't come out to say that. If they do, many would agree with the intent.

The benefit of being civil online is you can also advertise seriously. It becomes commercially viable and win-win.

The site provider gets to make some revenue, readers come on, and the advertiser loves it as people hang out there.

The rules, says MDA, are to give parity to the frameworks governing traditional news media and Internet news sites. What is your view?

Not many countries are putting offline rules into the online regime.

It is more likely the new media will change the old media rules but in Singapore, we are being "conservative" and applying old media rules to the new media.

There are some concerns there, like I said, potential stifling of new media innovations.

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