Thu, Apr 02, 2009
No bullet-proof vests for Edison's bodyguards

According to a report in my paper, 25 bodyguards will be deployed to protect Hong Kong celebrity, Edison Chen, when he arrives in Singapore to promote his latest film, Sniper, on April 5.

However, these local bodyguards would not be wearing bulletproof vests, said the spokesperson for the film's distributor, Shaw Organisation.

Said the spokesperson, Faith: "We trust in Singapore's safety laws, and have already spoken to police about the matter."

Faith also revealed that Shaw had spent $10,000 alone on security, out of the total promotional costs of $50,000 to $60,000.

Death threat received

In early March, a report surfaced in the Shin Min Daily News that an anonymous letter packaged together with a gold bullet was sent to a Hong Kong cable television station.

The letter warned actor Edison Chen to stay away from all promotional activities from April 4 onwards if he valued his life.

However, it seems the beleaguered actor is still going ahead with all promotional activities.

The actor had last visited Singapore in late February to attend the launch of Carl's Jr's latest burger, as well as to attend Adidas' 60th anniversary party.

Edison's manager had expressed his concern after seeing the throngs of people who turned up at the events during his brief stopover.

The company's spokesperson, Faith, told reporters that the film company had initially planned activities for Edison to interact with his fans this time round.

However, all plans were subsequently shelved in consideration for the safety of Edison, as well as members of the public.

As to whether Edison would bring his own personal bodyguards, the company said it is unaware of the arrangement.

No media interviews

With the recent bad press surrounding Edison, including news of his father's bankruptcy and Cecilia Chung's criticisms of him in a televised interview, it was feared that Edison may not be able to handle the pressure of handling questions from the media.

To protect his interests, the film company stated that Edison would only be present for the official press conference, and will not be scheduled for any individual interviews.

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