Mon, Jul 27, 2009
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Yasmin Ahmad laid to rest

PETALING JAYA: Award-winning director Yasmin Ahmad, 51, was laid to rest at the SS22 Muslim Cemetery yesterday.

Her body was earlier brought to Masjid Abu Bakar As-Siddiq in SS19, Subang for solat jenazah (prayer for the dead).

As her body was brought out of the mosque, an unidentified man asked the crowd of family members and friends to form a human barricade to shield photographers from snapping pictures.

Celebrities and prominent figures who turned up at the cemetery to pay their last respects included Tan Sri Jins Samsuddin, movie director Shuhaimi Baba, actress Maya Karin, television host and actress Sazzy Falak and many others.

Among the pallbearers were her husband Tan Yew Leong and Media Prima International CEO Datuk Seri Farid Ridzuan.

Yasmin, famous for her Petronas commercials and thought-provoking movies, was buried at 12.40pm before the Zohor prayers.

As her body was placed in the ground, many were seen unable to hold back their tears.

Yasmin's mother, Inom Yon, fainted while the talqin (the last rites) was recited.

As the crowd dwindled, Mak Inom was seen praying by Yasmin's gravesite.

"Please forgive her for any of her mistakes. Please pray for her," she said.

Farid described Yasmin as his mentor, sister and close friend.

"I will miss her terribly. No words can describe what a special person she was," said a visibly distraught Farid.

He said that he and other TV3 officials were in discussions with Yasmin when she started feeling unwell before collapsing.

"We were actually discussing a future project involving the 1Malaysia concept," he said, adding that the project would go ahead as planned although it would not be the same without Yasmin's touch.

Sazzy described Yasmin as an influential person whose great work would always be remembered.

"Her muhibbah commercials and movies show that different races can love one another," she said.

Award-winning actress Vanidah Imran, who was seen sobbing quietly, described Yasmin as a mother figure.

Former Penang chief minister and Gerakan president Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon, who was also present, said that the country has lost a creative and talented advertising and movie director.

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