Is Lau's long-term partner expecting a baby?
Fri, Aug 28, 2009
The Star/Asia News Network

SPECULATION is rife that former beauty queen Carol Chu, the long-term partner of Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau, could be pregnant.

All the local Chinese dailies reported that pictures taken at the airport in Hong Kong showing the bloated stomach of Chu could be an indication of her pregnancy.

China Press reported that Chu was seen shielding her stomach throughout while holding hands with Lau after arriving at the airport in Hong Kong.

Sin Chew Daily also reported that Lau was even seen embracing and holding her by the waist at times, fearing that journalists might run into her.

Meanwhile, the same paper reported that a fan by the name of Kiki had threatened to take her own life after learning about Lau's relationship with Chu.

"I am not strong enough to accept the fact. The only thing that can console me is for me to take own life so that you won't forget me.

"I hate you! Go get married! My life would be your wedding gift," said the fan whose comment was posted on an official website.

However, there were many who posted comments giving their blessings to the couple.

> The daily also reported that a 36-year-old woman was slapped at least 10 times by a road bully after she was accused of road obstruction.

Victim Luo Hai Nee said she was driving out from a junction as the road bully's car was about to turn in.

She said the man picked up a stick by the roadside and hit her car's side mirror.

She said the man slapped her repeatedly and kicked her.

She added that she had bruises on her thighs, and her spectacles were smashed.

--The Star/ANN

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