Robbie Williams rules out tour on 'drug fears'
Thu, Nov 26, 2009

SYDNEY (AFP) - Pop star Robbie Williams on Wednesday ruled out any quick return to touring, fearing his "inbuilt" drug addiction could strike at any time.

Williams, in Australia as he pursues his comeback, blamed his last major tour for landing him in rehab and prompting a three-year career hiatus, during which he grew a bushy beard and developed an interest in UFOs.

"There's no plans to do a tour like the last one I did," he told journalists. "I know what happens to me and where it takes me and which rehab I end up in. I will tour again but it won't be any time soon."

Williams, who will perform later on Wednesday and at Thursday's ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association) awards, warned he would always be vulnerable to drugs.

"I have that mechanism inside of me that enjoys not choosing life, that has it inbuilt in my DNA to want to get high," he said. "I don't think that ever leaves. I'm sure it won't."

The 35-year-old former wildman is travelling with his steady girlfriend, US actress Ayda Field, and said the pair have already picked out baby names: Sonny for a boy or Sunny for a girl.

But he remained wary of the pressures of the pop star's life, especially spending long periods on the road.

"It's a really unnatural situation to find yourself in," he said.

"It's such high highs in front of that many people at the stadiums ... and then you go back to the hotel and you go, oh I've eaten the mini-bar again and the Internet isn't doing what it should do and I'm bored with that.

"After nine months of living in an air-conditioned room and just going to the gig you kind of crack a bit. You lose the plot."

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