Thu, Dec 10, 2009
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Crazy to cheat on these babes?
» Men who stray

By Shree Ann Mathavan

HUGH Grant. Jude Law. Prince Charles. Ashley Cole.

What do these famous men and heart-throbs have in common?

They have all dated or were married to drop-dead gorgeous women - Elizabeth Hurley, Sienna Miller, Princess Diana and Cheryl Cole respectively.

And all these men have cheated on their beautiful girlfriends or wives.

Closer to home, Hong Kong publisher Joe Ngai was roasted by the media when he was caught kissing a student while living with singer Vivian Chow.

Now, golf superstar Tiger Woods, 33, has joined the club. His wife of five years, Elin Nordegren, 29, a former model, is no slouch in the looks department.

So why do men who have beautiful lovers still stray? Private investigator (PI) Lionel de Souza, 66, said it all boils down to sex.

He said: "Men are by nature lustful, so if their partner cannot satisfy their sexual needs, they look elsewhere."

He said he has handled several cases of men cheating on their beautiful and accomplished wives.

One of them was married to an attractive air stewardess - the "perfect woman", said Mr de Souza.

The man had hotly pursued the woman during a whirlwind three-month courtship. He eventually won her over and even proposed to her at the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

But less than two years into their marriage, the husband proved to be a serial cheater and had several flings. They eventually got a divorce.

Mr Harry Low, 43, a senior counsellor at the University Health Centre (National University of Singapore), echoed Mr de Souza's sentiments.

"It's a fallacy of human nature," he noted. We tend to get sick of the old and get excited only about the new." Too often, Mr Low added, the emphasis in modern-day romance is on falling in love, not staying in love.

And having a beautiful wife is no guarantee of a long-lasting relationship, he pointed out, "It's really not about the looks, it's about the needs," he said.

"It could be the man's need for exciting sex, or attention. A person doesn't have to be good-looking to be caring."

Mr Charles Lee, a senior counsellor at the Tanjong Pagar Family Service Centre, said someone who is physically beautiful may not necessarily have inner beauty.

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