Woman #3: Former popular singer, in her 30s
It is alleged that this woman and Jack are very close, and use terms of endearment such as "dear" and "darling" in their text messages to each other. This singer has even acted in one of his movies. She has since left Singapore's entertainment circle.

Woman #4: Hotel staff, in her 30s
Jack allegedly met this woman while filming in Kuala Lumpur. In order to get closer to him, this woman is said to have given up her job in KL in order to move to Singapore to be closer to him. He is also said to have recommended her to work in a hotel in Singapore.

The woman is understood to be married with one daughter, but keeps in touch with Jack and exchanges affectionate text messages with him.

She is the only woman that Jack is said to be involved with who does not have any dealings with the entertainment industry.


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