Avatar strikes chord for Angela Chang
Sat, May 15, 2010
China Daily/Asia News Network

CHINA, May 13, 2010 - With her big eyes and pure and powerful voice, Taiwan singer and actress Angela Chang has left an indelible impression on mainland fans.

Chang, well-known in Hong Kong, Taiwan and English-speaking areas and known as Zhang Shaohan on the mainland, has long banked on her distinctive looks.

Lately, the star has gotten an even bigger career pop from an unlikely source: a Hollywood blockbuster. Netizens opine that her facial features are similar to those of Princess Neytiri, Na'vi female lead in the hit movie Avatar.

In the real world, there's a small bit of irony in the name of her concert tour, Singing on Pandora, a title that shares the name of Avatar's mythical setting.

Angela will perform on May 15 in the Capital Indoor Stadium in Beijing.

While the coincidence arouses discussion, the concert name is actually culled from the title of her 2006 CD Pandora.

Back to that physical resemblance, Chang said that she looks more like the princess Neytiri than the actress playing the character.

She recently spoke to the Beijing News about her tour, career and striking resemblance to a certain sci-fi beauty.

Q: Your concert is called Singing on Pandora, which reminds people of the movie Avatar. Many netizens say you look like Princess Neytiri. Do you agree?

A: Many friends and members of the media said so. My fans even put our photos together online to do the comparison.

When I saw the movie, I was quite surprised and asked my friend, 'Did I play Neytiri in that film?'

I feel I share more common features with Neytiri than the heroine (played by Zoe Saldana).

Q: Your songs have always been inspirational and resonant. Have you ever thought of changing your style?

A: I have not considered changing. My style is an expression of myself. I do not want to change it to cater to someone else.

It is not possible to have everyone like me and I do not really care what other people say.

Q: Last year's college entrance examination in Beijing used the name of your song Invisible Wings as the writing topic. What would your story be if you were to write on that topic?

A: I would write about a disabled child I met in an activity who wishes that he could have a pair of invisible wings and fly with the wind. His story touched me.

I have sung this song more than 5,000 times and it brought encouragement and strength to different people nearly every time.

Q: You said that a scandal over your relationship with your mother has made you grow as a person. Can you comment?

(Question regards her parents' claims last year that she refused to support them. The singer subsequently held a press conference and stated her mother had taken 21 million yuan of her savings.)

A: I guess everyone would learn when experiencing such a thing. I always hope the things could move to the better side. I sincerely do.

I always think that they are my parents, after all, and I will be glad if they come to my concert.

Maybe not everyone can understand

what I mean by innermost growth, but it is OK. I just keep it to myself.

Q: After experiencing such a conflict with your parents, was it become hard for you to trust people?

A: Not really, I have always been a little silly and tend not to think too much.

I am often laughed at by my friends for being simpleminded.

I still hold a positive attitude toward trust and relationships. I believe the better people understand each other, the easier the conflict can be solved.

Q: What do you think about relationships and marriage?

A: Family is important for a woman. I hope that one day I can meet my Mr. Right.

We would help each other and grow together. I guess my marriage will belong to the "supportive of each other" kind.

But my work is too busy now and I will consider relationships and marriage at the proper time.

Q: What is your ideal relationship?

A: I have heard about too many betrayals and broken relationships, which scares me.

I want a man who loves me more than himself. If I meet such a guy, I will tell myself it is time to get married.

Q: Do you have a time-table for your life, for example when you will get married and when you'll have a baby?

A: I used to plan like that when I was young. But now I realize that there are too many changes in life, especially since I work in the entertainment circle.

I am 28 now and I can just say I will wait for opportunities without rushing.

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