Lin Chiling says she's not the person in nude photos
Mon, May 31, 2010
The Daily Chilli

Yet another set of indecent photos of Lin Chiling is circulating on the Net.

This time, they have been unearthed by her Japanese fans.

The Taiwanese supermodel-turned-actress, who is currently riding high on her Japanese TV drama, Moon Lovers with hottie Takuya Kimura - is said to have taken the nude shots for her personal collection.

"The girl in the nude is Chiling," claimed the netizens, who posted their comments and "photographic evidence" on various Japanese sites.

But Chiling vehemently denied it, saying "the photos have been super-imposed."

Last year, the leggy beauty became sensational news in Japan when porn-makers photoshopped her photos and used them illegally on the cover of a Japanese porn disc, entitled The China Temptation.





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