Sun, Jun 20, 2010
Edison Chen to make comeback by October

Controversial Hong Kong actor Edison Chen has announced his plans to return to the music scene by October.

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He revealed this in an interview with Sina after performing John Lennon's Imagine at Hong Kong rapper duo Fama's recent concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum.

He will be launching an album made up mostly of Mandarin songs, with the rest made up of Cantonese numbers.

While Chen will write the Cantonese numbers, he will write the Mandarin songs in English first, to be translated by Taiwanese rapper MC HotDog to Mandarin.

On why he's writing the lyrics himself, he said he needs to write it himself, or he may be misinterpreted.

The 29-year-old said he is not ready to take on film roles yet, saying it's important to gain the support of the people first. He will gauge this by how successful his album will be when launched.





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