Scandal star finds marital, screen bliss
Fri, Jun 25, 2010
China Daily/Asia News Network

Cecilia Cheung has at last managed to put her sex photo scandal with Edison Chen behind her by giving birth to a second son and appearing to be the perfect celebrity mother. As a reward she has been offered a part in a Derek Yee movie for $772,000 ($107, 0000). This is good news for husband Hong Kong superstar Nicholas Tse, who is desperately trying to raise funds for a media company on the mainland.

According to Xin.sg, Tse needs $12.9 million to set up the operation and the couple has already put up their luxury HK home on the market. They are also preparing to cash in on the popularity of number one son, Lucas, and want him to take up endorsement and movie deals. Apparently, the 3-year-old's $1.4 million asking fee to appear in a movie is higher than both his mom's and dad's.

Another married couple getting significant media attention is 43-year-old rock singer Zheng Jun and actress Liu Yun. The pair unexpectedly wed last month and everyone wondered, "Why?" The answer, according to Sina.com, is that 27-year-old Liu may be pregnant. The pair was pictured taking a flight to Los Angeles and the photos seem to show that Liu has a baby bump. If it's not Liu piling on extra pounds, no doubt the couple will be hoping the newborn will be earning extra English pounds, like Lucas.

Meanwhile, cross-dresser Liu Zhu may have been axed from the Happy Boys talent show contest, but he is busier than ever. Liu has signed a contract with a music company and is working on his first album in Beijing, according to Chengdu Business Daily. In addition he has been asked to be the "cover girl" for women's fashion magazine Nykan. Liu is said to be considering the offer.

Some celebrities are merely famous for being famous. This is true of Sister Phoenix, a beauty-challenged former supermarket sales clerk who became an Internet sensation after her unrealistic demands for a future husband were widely disseminated. Sister Lotus is in a similar position in that she seized the spotlight by merely posing in a figure-S shape and looked so ridiculous that her photos went viral.

Therefore, it was a bit of marketing genius on the part of an online game manufacturer that got the two women to appear on stage together, in Shanghai, along with a Japanese adult video star called Sola Aoi. While Lotus and Aoi wore sexy sci-fi Amazon warrior suits, Phoenix appeared in an unflattering green monster costume.

After the show, Phoenix told a fan she was angry about being upstaged by a "prostitute" (presumably referring to Aoi), but was then embarrassed to find that a topless photo that looks like her sporting a rose tattoo on her belly was circulating on the Web.

Meanwhile, also according to maydaily.com, Lotus tearfully apologized to fans on her microblog for associating with such minor stars. Moot point.



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