Sat, Jul 17, 2010
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Jennifer Tse on Nicholas and Lucas

By Chew Wan Ying

Jennifer Tse, 27, is making her acting debut in Bruce Lee: My Brother.

Don't be fooled by Nicholas Tse's tough and macho persona on the screen, according to his sister Jennifer.

She revealed that there was more to him than that.

Jennifer, the 27-year-old leading lady of upcoming Bruce Lee biopic Bruce Lee: My Brother, shared with The Daily Chilli a less-known side of the actor, when she was in town recently to do a photo shoot for Guess and to meet her fans.

"He has this side that he never shows - acting like a child, smiling all the time, doing silly things, running around, which is kind of cute.

"He is especially funny when he is being stupid. We always talk about hypothetical situations, things that are really stupid and out of nowhere," she said.

And being with nephew Lucas reminded Jennifer of her younger days with her brother.

"I know how Nicholas feels when he is watching or interacting with Lucas. It's like, here's a little creature that is kind of just like you.

"Once when I was playing with Lucas and I felt like I was playing with Nic when we were young. They look identical. It was a surreal feeling," she said.

Jennifer, who is making her acting debut in Bruce Lee: My Brother, denied that she was being groomed to be the next Cecilia Cheung, as Hong Kong's Apple Daily claimed.

"Cecilia is an icon of her own," she said, adding that she would love to become Hong Kong's answer to Angelina Jolie instead.

"When we signed, we all agreed that I would be more like Jolie, you know, the action type. I think the whole flying-in-the-air, hanging-on-wires thing is rather exciting. I think I will shoot more action films in the future," she said.

-The Daily Chilli

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