Rating Wang Lee Hom the director
Sat, Aug 28, 2010

Taiwan-based pop idol Wang Lee Hom's first attempt at writing and directing a feature film, Love In Disguise, drew mixed reviews from critics but raves from fans.

Film reviewer Boon Chan from The Straits Times called the movie "self-indulgent" and "a cringe-fest", giving the movie just half-a-star.

"As a comedy it didn't really make me laugh and as a romance, there was no chemistry between him and the female lead Liu Yifei," he said.

DJ Jianwen from Radio 100.3 gave the movie two stars and agreed that at times he felt like he was not watching a movie but a music video. He thought the movie seemed more like a promotional vehicle for Lee Hom's new album, 18 Martial Arts, which was released on the same day as the movie.

Movie writer Wayne Lim from U-Weekly was kinder with a three-star rating, saying the romance in the movie worked for him and commended Lee Hom's acting as "natural".

19 year-old Leonard Chee, a Wang Lee Hom fan, defended the movie saying he found it an easy and enjoyable watch, and that he would recommend non-fans to watch the movie.

In Love in Disguise, Lee Hom plays the lead role of Du Ming Han, a celebrity pop star who disguises himself as a normal chap to find true love.




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  Rating Wang Lee Hom the director
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