Actor Mike He is a kissing expert

By Elrica Tanu
That is, according to Mike He himself.
The Taiwanese idol shared passionate smooches with co-star Janine Chang in their latest drama Sunny Happiness. 

The good looking pair wasin town recently to promote the drama, where we posed the question of how good a kisser He is.
Chang diplomatically held back her answer, as He jumped to her rescue by rating himself.
"I'd give myself 99.9 out of 100," said the 27-year-old cheekily.
When asked why not a full 100 points, he laughed: "I was just trying to be humble."
Good kisser or not, their passionate kissing scene has certainly steamed up the small screen, to the point that it got some netizens worked up over whether or not there was actual any tongue action involved. He has denied there was any. 
The duo spill all about their kisses, a raunchy bed scene and more, in their five-part interview with RazorTV.