Don't expect too much from us: Sammi

HONG Kong Cantopop singer Sammi Cheng has publicly acknowledged her relationship with singer Andy Hui in a Chinese micro-blog post in Weibo on Monday.

In it, she wrote about the expectations faced and pressure mounting from the announcement.

The 38-year-old singer has said that all she wanted was a "normal relationship" with Andy, 43, and also asked the media to give them their personal space.

She also warned that people "should not expect too much from us".

"In less than a day, I have people questioning me on when am I getting married and whether I'll have any children.

"We've barely seen each other over the past decade! At this point in time, I cannot confirm anything at all," wrote Sammi.

The two separated in 2004 after a 13-year relationship.

Media attention has been on the two ever since they were spotted having lunch in Tai Ping Koon restaurant in Hong Kong.

Since then, rumours are rife that they intend to wed in August - Oriental Sunday reported this week that Sammi has accepted Andy's wedding proposal and the two will hold the celebration in Provence, France.

However, wedding bells might not be ringing so soon, according to the post in Sammi's Weibo account.

"What's going to happen in the end? I can't predict. Having broken up for so long, we really need to adapt to each other's changes," wrote Sammi.

She also said that she wants to start anew and truly hopes that this relationship will blossom.

"To be honest, that incident at Tai Ping Koon has, at long last, allowed me to feel the joy of falling in love again.

"By the way, I didn't eat the pork chop there. I had the grilled beef tongue instead!" joked Sammi.