Gan Lulu's mother attacks her on TV show

CHINESE actress and model Gan Lulu was attacked by her mother during a television talk show.

Online video footage shows the mother hitting, pushing and swearing at her daughter, as the studio crew attempted to pacify her.

The duo were featured this February over a controversial video uploaded onto the Internet by the mother. She had filmed her daughter naked and walking out of the shower, claiming that she did so to find a suitor for Lulu.

Gan Lulu attacked by her mother
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The pair then recorded other videos defending themselves, with Lulu tearfully begging netizens not to attack her mother and that she only meant well.

It is not known why her mother attacked her during the show but she was heard shouting at Lulu, asking her "what's the meaning of this" and "what do you think you're doing".

At one point, Lulu is seen turning to the camera and flipping her hair while saying: "My mother hits me because she loves me." Her mother immediately rushes forward, shoves her and starts yelling vulgarities again.

In three days, the video of the outburst accumulated over 3.1 million views.

In another online video of the same show, Lulu's mother talks about how her daughter copied sexual movements from herparents when she was only one year old.

She said that she, Lulu and her husband used to sleep in the same room back then. The parents would have sex while Lulu was asleep.

One day, they noticed Lulu humping the bed and copying their "push-up movements", and started laughing at her. But Lulu would not stop.

After that, they no longer dared to have sex in front of her.

"We thought she was stupid and wouldn't know what we were doing," said Lulu's mother.