'Bollywood' cop becomes YouTube hit

A JAKARTA policeman has become an instant favourite. Not for his ability to tackle crime, but for a talent totally unconnected to his job.

His rendition of a Bollywood song while on duty became a YouTube hit with more than half a million views.

In the video, policeman Norman Kamaruis seen in his police uniform, lip-syncing and dancing to a song by Indian movie star Shah Rukh Khan while sitting at his post.

This did not go down well with his superiors,who wanted him punished. But netizens sprang to his defence and applauded him for showing a "human side", Jakarta Globe reported.

"Mr Policeman, I like your style! Keep your head up, ignore what they say. You're cool!", a viewer named Aldebaran wrote.

Indonesia's National Police chief said he could see the funny side of the incident but insisted that disciplinary action was still necessary.

General Timur Pradopo conceded that officer Kamaru had"good creativity", but said "the sanctions would serve as guidance for him".

Gen Pradopo,who laughed as he was questioned by journalists, said he would let the officer's department determine the punishment.


"It is funny,"he was quoted as saying. "If the public consider it as good, it means he's creative.

"But he was on duty, so we will let the police chief guide him, meaning to direct him to express his creativity while he is not on duty."

In the end, the police have decided not to punish the officer, spokesman Anton Bachrul Alam said yesterday. The spokesman said the video was a creative endeavour and showed talent that must be "nurtured as an asset", Jakarta Post reported.

Officer Kamaru said one of his superiors had asked him to perform the song in front of his colleagues.

A colleague said that he has a fascination for Bollywood music and films.

"He sings and dances to entertain us,he makes us laugh. He's a star," the officer told Jakarta Globe.

This article was first published in The New Paper.