Foul-mouthed young star caught on camera

By Miss G

BEING a celebrity means one always has to be careful when in public.

The reason is simple. Every move you make, every step you take, someone will be watching you. Not so with this handsome young man, though.

This reality TV show winner is very much loved by his teen fans. He was a favourite among the kids during his stint in a reality show. But recently, he was seen hurling profanities outside the lift of a condominium.

Not only that, those who witnessed the incident said this reality TV show winner also punched and kicked a man while spewing obscenities. They were apparently fighting over a unit they had rented together.

The entire scene was witnessed by other tenants and owners who were also waiting for the lift.

When the lift door opened, the two got in, and since both were shouting at each other, the other tenants did not get in.

Expect the incident to be posted on the Internet soon because someone had recorded it on their handphone!

 -New Straits Times