Vicki Zhao and Faye Wong's favourite pastime

By Cheong Poh Kwan

China's top actress Vicki Zhao Wei has been photographed dining and shopping with her pop diva friend Faye Wong on many occasions, but dining and shopping are apparently not their favourite pastimes.

Instead, Zhao revealed that they almost always gather to 'fang sheng' these days as both are devout Buddhists.

'Fang sheng' is the release of animals like birds and tortoises back to their natural environment. It is a Buddhist way to show compassion for animals and all other sentient beings.

Zhao made an appearance as Mary Chia's brand ambassador at the local beauty and wellness brand's newest outlet at nex shopping mall recently.

The 35-year-old star, now a Singapore permanent resident, said she will catch Faye Wong's upcoming concert here if her schedule allows. Zhao had also reportedly played host to Wong during her previous visit here.

So having stayed here for almost three years, how familiar is Zhao with Singapore? Will she make a capable tour guide to her overseas celebrity friends, and where does she usually take them? All that, and more, on RazorTV.