AKB48 to perform in Singapore monthly

Some members of AKB48, an all-girl Japanese pop group, posing for photographs during an appearance at the Anime Festival Asia 2010.

By Elrica Tanu

JAPANESE idol girl group AKB48 have committed to performing in Singapore every month at *SCAPE.

The 61-member group recently launched their first South East Asia concept store in Singapore on May 14.

The AKB48 girls who made their debut in 2005 are known for their cute schoolgirl image and see themselves as "idols you can meet everyday".

In 2010 the 48-member group earned a place in the Guiness World Records as the "pop group with the greatest number of members."

AKB48 has since recruited more girls to join its ranks, and now comprises 61 girls aged between 12 and 24.

They perform live at their own Akihabara theatre-cum-shop in Tokyo almost daily, and now they are exporting the whole AKB48 experience to Singapore. They kicked things off with their first concert at their so-called Singapore Theatre on May 14.

More than 500 fans turned up from as early as 8.30am that day to meet three of the AKB48 girls - Misaki Iwasa, Mika Komori and Miho Miyazaki - who were to launch their concept store.

Merchandise such as pens, photo books and musical mugs are available at the store, which will also include a world's first AKB48 cafe, due to open in June.

AKB48 revealed why they chose Singapore to launch these initiatives on RazorTV.