Nicholas Tse divorces Cecilia Cheung

By Vanessa Valerie Tay

Hong Kong star Nicholas Tse has filed for divorce with Cecilia Cheung, his wife of five years.

Tse, who is presently filming in Kuala Lumpur, met up with his lawyers last week and had the divorce papers served to Cheung.

Cheung had apparently threatened to divorce Tse in an exchange of text messages early last month.

Tse's manager has yet to respond and the actor's assistant has claimed not to know anything.

Rumours have been circulating on the Internet about whether or not the couple's elder son, Lucas, was really Tse's biological son.

It was also said that the Tse family had sent the child for a DNA test out of suspicion, in order to find out who his father was.

When asked to comment on the rumour, Tse's father, Patrick, exclaimed angrily that the rumour was untrue and that he will give no further comments on that.