Nicholas Tse speaks: I still love Cecilia

There might be a twist in the ongoing drama between Hong Kong power couple Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung.

Tse, who made his first public appearance today (June 26) in Beijing since words leaked that the couple is heading for splitsville, insists that he still loves his wife, despite the ugly exchange of words between Cheung and friends of both sides.

Cheung earlier on broke the silence on their marital woes, urging Tse to stop pretending to be a good husband and good daddy.

In an unexpected move, she even dragged singer Faye Wong, Tse's ex-girlfriend, into the mess.

She reportedly said: "Only Miss Wong (Faye,) and I know how fake he truly is, but Miss Wong was smarter and got herself out of the relationship. Only I realised it too late."

Reporters and fans swarmed Tse when he reached the Beijing airport a few hours ago. All eyes were on the actor at the press conference of his new flick Treasure Inn.

No question on the marriage was allowed. Still, the 30-year-old father of two addressed what has been on top of everyone's mind, admitting for the first time that there is indeed trouble in paradise.

"There're indeed problems in my marriage. My wife and I grew up in single-parent families. We never hate our parents for that. When we have our first kid (Lucas), we hope we can break this curse and hope that they don’t grow up in a single-parent family. But at this stage, (I) really don't know how to maintain our marriage," he said.

According to Tse, Cheung told him via a text message last night that she's still very much in love with him and he chose to believe it.

"Regardless of how our relationship turns out to be in the future, I will try to create a healthy environment for our kids to grow up," said Tse, hoping that all speculations will be put to rest following his statements today.