Fans of Takeshi Kaneshiro unable to accept girlfriend

Sin Chew Daily reported that some Malaysian fans of Taiwanese-Japanese star Takeshi Kaneshiro could not accept the news that the actor was spotted going out with a Japanese model, believed to be his girlfriend.

The daily received several calls from fans asking whether it was true that Takeshi had a girlfriend.

They said Takeshi was a very special man and should not have a girlfriend.

Some even vowed not to marry because of him.

However, some netizens said they were glad to know Takeshi had a girlfriend as it proved he was not gay.

Several media reports said Takeshi and the model had secretly been seeing each other for two years.

However, Takeshi's manager Yao Yi-Juan denied the report and said the woman was just his friend.

Yao said the woman was not a model and she would not disclose her identity.