Nic and Cecilia break their pre-nup

Where is the love? Down-and-out Hong Kong celebrity couple Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung are set for a custody battle over their two kids in July.

According to, Nicholas will go all out to challenge a pre-nup he signed with his now estranged wife - which accords her full custody of their two boys - Lucas, 4 and Quintus, 1, before they reach 18.

Their mutual agreement also states that they are financially independent couple. But he will give her part of his earnings as spousal support.

"He doesn't care so much about the money part," a source in Tse camp tells the Chinese news portal. "He's willing to pay her off to get the kids back."

And if Cecilia chooses to play hard ball - which she will, the insider claims Nicholas has got enough proofs (including photographic evidence) of her inability to care for their children.

"He doesn't want to be nasty," adds the source. "He respects the fact that she is the mother of his kids. But he wants them to be raised by his mum (Deborah Li)."