Nic and Cecilia to meet on July 8

By Noorsila Abd Majid

It's almost time to make peace. Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung have finally agreed to meet face-to-face back home in Hong Kong to discuss their kids' future on July 8. reported that the Hong Kong power couple - who are on the verge of splitting up - have agreed to set aside their personal differences for the sake of their sons, Lucas, 4 and Quintus, 1.

Their biggest concern is Lucas, who will be starting pre-school in August.

"Cecilia wants the best for her kids," her spokesperson told the Chinese news portal. "That includes having their dad (Nicholas) around them."

Seriously, Nicholas - who is somewhere filming Against War in the sea off Malaysian shores at the moment - has been missing his kids terribly.

"He's flying back to Hong Kong just to see them," a source close to the production crew in  Kuala Lumpur reveals to The Daily Chilli. "He hasn't seen them since he started shooting in KL (in early May).

"He's leaving as soon as we're done with our shooting in the ocean on July 8. But we need him back in Malaysia for a few more scenes. We're only wrapping up filming in mid July."