Tang Wei was unaware of Cecilia Cheung's marital crisis

By Cheong Poh Kwan

China-born actress Tang Wei walked away with many happy memories from the set of Speed Angels, a soon-to-be-released car racing film which also stars Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung.

When asked if she knew about her co-star Cheung's marital crisis when the film was made last year, Tang shook her head, indicating that she was completely clueless.

Cheung's rocky marriage with her actor husband Nicholas Tse had come to light in recent months. The multiple award-winning actress went on record about Tse's failure to be a good husband and caring father during their five-year marriage, and the estranged couple may soon fight over the custody of their two sons.

But despite her difficult situation at home, Cheung did not seemed troubled on the set of Speed Angels at all, as Tang noted.

"When she is not involved in a scene, she is always chatting away with others. She knows the director Jingle Ma very well, so they joke around," Tang recalled during a recent interview with the local media, after showing up at Vivocity as skincare label SKII's newest ambassador.

Tang was also all praise for Cheung's professionalism, saying that the latter was well-admired by the cast and crew.

Tang plays a cabbie-turned-professional racer in Speed Angels, a film with many firsts for her.

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