Cecilia apologises to mum-in-law

Cecilia Cheung has apologised to her mother-in-law Deborah Li in another attempt to save her marriage.

It was reported that Cecilia and Li were not in good terms.

According to Hong Kong media, the actress sent a text message to Li, saying she did not want a divorce.

She also mentioned that she was willing to let go of her properties and those that belonged to Nicholas Tse, worth some HK$200mil (RM76mil).

Since rumours the couple's split surfaced in May, Cecilia has been using all sort of tactics to save the marriage.

The actress - who initially just threatening to divorce her husband - was shocked when he agreed to it.

However, she refused to sign the papers on three occasions.

The couple had not met until Nicholas visited the sons earlier this month, but the meeting turned ugly with Cecilia using vulgar words him.

But they still have another chance to improve the relationship on Tuesday - at the fourth birthday party of Lucas, their elder son.

It was reported that the couple had talked over the phone and agreed to hold the celebration together for the sake of their children.

Cecilia, who is currently filming Mutual Affection 2 in China, has taken three days leave from the set.

The children - Lucas and Quintus, one - are currently living with the mother at their new home.