Taiwanese celebs "checked" all over by immigration authorities

Four Taiwanese celebrities claimed they were forced to strip and inappropriately touched by immigration authorities.

Artistes like Yvonne Hsu, Ivy Hsu, Rene Liu and Matilda Tao have come forward to talk about how their experiences of outrage of modesty during medical check-ups neccessary for the approval of identity cards.

According to Lianhe Wanbao, sisters Yvonne and Ivy Hsu (above), who were born in America, were told to strip during the checks.

Appearing on a talk show, Ivy said she encountered a male doctor who insisted on seeing "every inch of skin of her body".

On the pretext of checking her for symptoms of leprosy, the doctor touched her breasts, in between her legs and her private parts. The intrusive physical examination was cordoned off by a curtain, which was not closed properly. Apparently, there was also a male nurse peeping at her through gaps in the curtains.

Yvonne echoes her sister's experience, relating the same type of filmsy curtain blinds. Although she had a female doctor, she said that she could see people walking around outside during the examination.