Cecilia Cheung's alleged bondage video surfaces

A sadomasochistic video clip of Cecilia Cheung tied up and gagged has gone viral on the Internet.

The 39-second long clip, shot by Hong Kong director Vernie Yeung, a friend of Edison Chen, showed Cecilia Cheung wearing just a white tank top and black panties.

The actress was also bound tightly in red ropes and gagged with a ball throughout.

In the beginning of the clip, the actress looked abused as she knelt on the ground. Her mascara ran and her hair was dishevelled.

According to Chinese reports, netizens originally thought that the video was part of the scandal of sex photos that surfaced in 2008.

In that incident, pictures were taken from Edison Chen's computer and uploaded onto the internet. The scandal engulfed several actresses, including Cecilia Cheung, who was then married to Nicholas Tse.

Also, a Hong Kong tabloid had recently "exposed" the "bondage" video as the latest scandal to dog Cecilia Cheung.

However Cecilia Cheung has clarified on her official microblogging account that she took part in the video "out of goodwill".

Vernie Yeung claimed on his microblog that the film was a satire of the paparazzi.

The film, loosely translated as Paparazzi's Prisoner Of War, was just one part of three. There are three other clips that featured Stanley Ho's daughter, Josie Ho and actor Sam Lee.

Josie Ho confirmed that the films were taken about five to six years ago.

The singer-actress said: "Vernie and Edison are our good friends. Hence when they said they need help. we pitched in."

Cecilia Cheung said on her microblog that it was "despicable" the magazine chose to twist the truth when all she did was to help Vernie Yeung "out of goodwill".

Her manager said on Tuesday that Cecilia Cheung was "framed". She said the clip was taken at least five years ago and it was ridiculous for reports of it to surface only now.