Leehom accused of plagiarism

Viva Leehom. The American-born Chinese pop star took to Weibo (Chinese version of Twitter) and pulled the plug on his critics who claimed his latest single, Open Fire, is a rip-off of Blow - a song by US punk-popster Ke$ha.

"This is a personal attack on me," Leehom wrote. "It's an insult to my creativity. Those who said I'm a copycat couldn't even point out which part of my song is not original.

"Open Fire, a mind-numbing R&B dance-pop number - with amplified sing-song hooks, distorted vocals and defiant Auto-Tune slathered all over it, is part of his "Best Of" album, scheduled to hit the market on September 30 under the Sony Music banner.

Explaining his new studio material in details, the musically gifted singer/songwriter added, "I'm using the latest music software, production technique and sound mixing technique from the US.

"It's not a karaoke song. A karaoke song is easily copied, 'coz it sounds formulaic. Why isn't anyone calling karaoke-type songwriters plagiarists?"

Adrian Lim, the managing director of Sony Music Malaysia further attests to the statement. "When it's a good song, it will sound familiar. People will say they've heard it somewhere.

"I've known Leehom for many years. He's an amazing talent who takes pride in writing and producing his own songs."