Edison Chen in photo scandal with 16-year-old

Edison Chen is embroiled in yet another scandal - this time, with a 16-year-old schoolgirl.

His relationship with Cammi Tse, who is also a model, was exposed after photos of Chen hugging and kissing Tse were leaked online.

It was revealed that Tse had lost her mobile phone, which contained the photos of the two of them.

Chen had also sent a string of steamy text messages to Tse, with some asking her to pose for him in her school uniform and swimsuits. He said he wanted to take photos of her in those outfits.

Tse has clarified that there were no naked photos or sex photos in her phone.

When the media pressed Tse about whether she and Chen had taken sex photos, she insisted they did not.

Tse's father said he would evaluate the situation before deciding whether to lodge a police report.

Meanwhile, Chen has distanced himself from Tse after the photos were leaked.

He told the media: "When I met Cammi, I felt we could develop further. We just started our relationship and this happens. I have no comment. I want to tell everyone that this moment, I am still single. Thank you all for the concern!"

This newest scandal broke six months after Chen's break-up with girlfriend Vincy Yeung.

Another ex-girlfriend Gloria Wong, who was the target of Chen's sex proposition in June this year, said Chen was "sick" to be dating a girl 15 years younger than him.