Only 16, is she a smart cookie or smut rookie?

She loves him, she loves him not. She had sex with him; she did not have sex with him.

She’s just an innocent teenager, says 16-year-old Hong Kong part-time model Cammi Tse. Yet she wears make-up to school.

She’s shrewd and obsessed with fame, claims one of the two men linked with Tse. Yet she tells the media to leave her alone.

The twists and turns, accusations and allegations continue. In one corner, the scandal-prone Hong Kong actor-singer Edison Chen.

Cornered and hounded now is Tse – because of her association and pictures with Chen.

So, is she just a naive young girl, or someone who knows what she wants?

Her immaturity seems to show in how she has handled the media since her relationship with Chen came tolight after their intimate pictures were splashed in the Hong Kong media following the loss of her handphone on 29 Oct.

Did she have sex with Chen? Yes, she confessed to Hong Kong’s Suddenly Weekly on Wednesday.

No, she said a day later, retracting in an interview with Hong Kong’s Apple Daily.

She also denied having appeared in an erotic video clip with Chen.

In a short interview with Hong Kong reporters on Friday, Tse declared: “I am still a virgin.

“I didn’t have sex with him. We were together for only a month.

“And I’ve not even watched a sex video, much less filmed (myself in) one.”

In a statement released on Tuesday afternoon, Chen, 31, claimed that he had split up with his girlfriend Vincy Yeung, 21, about six months ago and was lovesick when he met Tse.

“I felt I could develop this relationship. We had only started (dating), and this happened...At this moment, I am again single,” he added.

Tse also updated her microblog and said that she dated Chen briefly, but that they have broken up since.

In the past week, Tse, who has been hounded by paparazzi, has flip-flopped in her statements to the media.

First, she reportedly admitted that Chen “was her first”. She was in tears when she confessed to Hong Kong media that she had lost her virginity to him.

She also claimed that Chen had filmed a two-minute bedroom scene with her, but emphasised that she wore underwear and a uniform throughout.

She insisted he had told her that he was filming her for his company.

Tse said: “Although we were together for only three months, we really had a great time.

“He loved me so much at the time and I believe it was wholehearted,” she told the media tearfully.

To avoid the paparazzi camping outside her school, she skipped lessons on Thursday. She stayed home – and updated her microblog.

In one tweet, she wrote, “please give me a break” and “I’m going crazy”.

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