Alongside Cheng, Hong Kong stars Charmaine Sheh, Fala Chen and Mak Cheung Ching, who were also at the awards ceremony, swept up all four awards in the acting categories.

Sheh won Best Actress in a Leading Role for Can't Buy Me Love, while Chen and Mak won Best Actress and Actor in a Supporting Role for No Regrets.

Mak, 44, told TNP: "This is a rare acknowledgement.

I used the Hong Kong style of acting and I'm happy that people outside of Hong Kong also accept it."

He said that he would buy his wife a gift to celebrate.

His family bought him a car last year after he won Best Supporting Actor at the TVB Awards for the same drama.

Sheh, 36, said: "This is my first time nominated in the ATV Awards and I'm thrilled! I think I'll be too happy to sleep tonight."

The Best Actor in a Leading Role category was the most hotly contested among local talents.

Five local actors were nominated for their roles in locally produced shows.

MediaCorp veterans Christopher Lee, Tay Ping Hui and Qi Yuwu were nominated for their Channel 8 dramas Breakout, C.L.I.F and The Family Court respectively.

Carl Ng and Jourdan Lee were also nominated for their roles in Channel 5's Point Of Entry.

The other nominees were Hong Kong's Bobby Au-yeung and Cheng.

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