Charmaine Sheh: Benny Chan learnt a big lesson

By Cheong Poh Kwan

Scandal-ridden Hong Kong actor Benny Chan is like a "big boy" who refuses to grow up, and because of that he has learnt a painful lesson, said Charmaine Sheh, his former girlfriend and ex-TVB colleague.

Chan was recently caught fondling and forcing kisses on 19-year-old co-star Rose Chan, when they dined at a restaurant after work in Hengdian, China. Also present were TVB actors Joe Ma and Timmy Hung. The former did not come to her rescue until much later; while the latter was already drunk by the time things turned ugly.

"He's (Benny Chan) a very bad drinker," said Sheh, who was in Singapore to receive the Best Actress Award at the 16th Asian Television Awards. But when asked if she believes Chan's inappropriate behaviour was solely a result of being intoxicated, she said: "I'd not comment on this."

She did however urge the audience to give Chan a second chance, as he seems determined to stay away from alcohol. She also believes that he has learnt his lesson and will be less playful now that he is a father. Chan's China-born wife gave birth to their first daughter just a week ago.

Also in town with Sheh were fellow TVB colleagues Kevin Cheng, Fala Chen and Evergreen Mak.

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