Actor Ron Ng clears up photo scandal with Viann Zhang

SINGAPORE - Hong Kong actor Ron Ng has stepped forward to explain why a photo of busty Chinese model-actress Viann Zhang lounging in a bed was published on his micro-blog.

Ng told Hong Kong reporters that he did not take or put the photo up on his blog. He clarified that it was Zhang who logged into his account and posted the photo.

The 32-year-old actor said he had shared with her his account details.

He apologised to his fans, family and friends through the media for misunderstandings the photo might have caused.

He added that he was at good friend and fellow actress Toby Leung's wedding at the time of the posting. He later went drinking till 4am and did not see the blog post until he came home later that day, he said.

He said he himself was shocked when he saw the post and called Zhang to understand the whole matter.

Zhang has admitted her mistake and apologised to him, he said. He added that he has forgiven her and asked his fans not to criticise her as "everyone makes mistakes".

Ng pointed out that Zhang was in China for work at that time, and the photo was not taken at his house.

While the actor has cleared up the air on the photo scandal, he remained tight lipped on his relationship with Zhang. He would only say he "dated her before", but declined to elaborate on whether they were still together.

Ng also side-stepped queries on whether Zhang had deliberately posted the photo on his blog, saying that he "never bothered about that".

Reports have been speculating on whether Zhang's motivation could have been to promote herself as a newcomer.

However, Television Broadcasts Limited officer Virgina Lok said Ng told her Zhang's antics on his blog was just her way of telling him to pay more attention to her.

Zhang has claimed it was an honest mistake, writing on her own micro-blog that she had just logged into the wrong account.