Run in the buff? Not me

The thought of running around in his underwear in front of a crowd made him squeamish.

So when Hong Kong actor-singer Daniel Chan was asked by director Jack Neo to do just that in his new local flick We Not Naughty, Chan tried to get out of it.

The Cantopop heart-throb plays an earnest teacher who is pressured to sprint naked around the school in front of cheering and jeering teenagers after he loses a bet to his two rebellious students (played by Shawn Lee and Joshua Ang).

Chan, 36, told The New Paper: "Obviously it's embarrassing and it's not something that I would do on a normal basis.

"Jack even wanted me to do the scene naked, but he was told that it wouldn't pass censorship in Singapore.

"I asked him if we could do away with the nudity and in the end, he said I could just wear underwear. I was relieved."

His groin area was deliberately pixelated in the final cut.

In the film, Chan shows off his lean and toned physique, which he revealed was the result of being a consistent gym bunny.

However, being almost naked in public is "nothing" compared to Chan's love life.

Chan said his romantic relationships have plagued him to the point where he found it hard to turn up for work.

Said Chan: "Maybe it's because I have a permanent case of nervous tension.

"I'm a Virgo so I'm always analysing things. It's very tiring but I cannot help it, it's all in the soul.

"The biggest blow to me would be if I meet with unhappiness in my relationship.

"When you try to hurt me, the (emotions) will explode and it will be very serious."

Chan refused to reveal anything about his personal life, including whether he was seeing anyone at the moment.

According to Hong Kong entertainment news website, Chan got engaged last May to his girlfriend, Chinese model Dan Dan.

It was reported that a friend had introduced them over dinner and the pair started dating shortly after.

The same report added that Chan would follow Dan Dan's family's "engagement practices", and after he completed his work projects last year, he would hold the wedding ceremony in Beijing.

The couple were also said to have lived together for some time.

Chan also reportedly said that if his fiancee were to get pregnant, he would be very happy.

It may be a case of art imitating life for Chan, whose character in We Not Naughty is a father-to-be eagerly awaiting the birth of his first child.

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