Is Jack Neo running out of movie ideas?

Singapore director Jack Neo is evidently sticking to his winning formula - fresh-faced teen actors, heart-breaking family drama and a healthy dose of social commentary in his latest directorial offering, We Not Naughty.

Similar to his earlier hits I Not Stupid (2002) and I Not Stupid Too (2006), We Not Naughty, which opens here today (January 19th, 2012), centres on how neglected children and troubled youths struggle for acceptance and recognition. 

Critics have been quick to point out the rehash of familiar themes like gambling addiction, illegal money lending and cyber bullying in the storyline.

Radio 1003 DJ Kenneth Kong and Lianhe WanBao's associate editor Chan Yunn Horng also found it hard to sit through certain long, drawn-out scenes, such as the labour scene in which the defiant duo played by Joshua Ang and Shawn Lee had to play midwives to their lecturer's wife.

But both commended the homegrown director's knack for uncovering raw gems and discovering acting talents in unlikely actors, such as Xinyao singers Roy Loi and Dawn Yan. They also found his social commentary in the new film more measured and less off-putting.

Is it time that Jack Neo stop replicating his winning formula and move forward by exploring other themes? Check out our critics' take on RazorTV.

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