Is Dante Lam the next John Woo?

His knack for kinetic action sequences laced with pumped-up melodrama has earned Hong Kong director, Dante Lam comparison to veteran director, John Woo.

Having churned out eight movie titles in four years - his latest being The Viral Factor - the 46-year-old has emerged to become one of the most prolific action film directors in recent years.

From Beast Cops (1998) to the Beast Stalker (2008) and The Stool Pigeon (2010), his films are not only critically acclaimed but also crowd favourites at the box office. And The Viral Factor, starring Taiwan’s Jay Chou and Hong Kong’s Nicholas Tse, looks set to be his next hit - with critics raving over its spectacular sets.

But how does he match up to John Woo? Both are known for making guy flicks where blood, guns and violence take centre stage. And both have made heroes out of their leading men - Chow Yun Fat (A Better Tomorrow, The Killer) and Nicholas Tse (Beast Stalker, Stool Pigeon) come to mind. But there are key differences in their style of directing as well. Find out more in RazorTV’s exclusive four-part feature.