Taiwanese singer Feng Fei Fei dies from lung cancer

Taiwanese singer Feng Fei Fei passed away on January 3 in Hong Kong at about 3.19am, said the family's lawyers at a press conference held in Hong Kong today.

According to her wishes, Feng's death was kept as a secret for over a month, as the Lunar New Year was approaching and she did not want her fans to receive the bad news.

According to Chinese paper Shinmin daily, even her aged mother and brother were also kept in the dark about her death, and only received the news 42 days later.

The elder Ms Feng, who has been suffering from dementia and other health problems, had been living in a nursing home in Taiwan and was completely unaware her daughter had passed away.

Feng had instructed her son to only break the news of her death to her mother 42 days after her death, after her ashes had been deposited in Daxi, her hometown.

Shinmin said the nursing home refused to divulge Ms Feng's reaction to her daughter's death.

According to reports, a distant uncle of the singer claimed to have gone hiking with her brother the previous week. The uncle said that the brother appeared to be fine, and may also have been unaware of his sister's death.

Lawyer Jiang Yanwei said that Feng had planned on holding a concert in June last year, but cancelled it due to problems with her voice.

It was thought that there was a callus in her throat, but check-ups revealed that she had fourth stage lung cancer.

Ms Jiang said that Feng's condition worsened on Jan 1. Feng then left instructions to Ms Jiang to only reveal her death to the public once the 15 days of Chinese New Year was over, and to thank her fans for supporting her.

She was quoted as saying: "Breaking such news during the New Year holidays will bring bad luck to others."

According to reports, the hat-loving singer said before her death: "I've led a happy and interesting life. Thank you, my brothers and sisters, for the exciting moments I've experienced.

"For the songs I've yet to sing, I will sing to you in my next life."

During her last month, Feng personally saw to her obituary photo, and wrote greetings for birthday and New Year cards for her fans who were born in January and February.

Feng's final resting place is in Taiwan. Her husband passed away from lung cancer as well in June 2009, after a three-month battle against lung cancer. He was 70.