Aaron Kwok and Lynn Xiong still an item

Sorry to disappoint you haters, but it seems that Aaron Kwok and Lynn Xiong are still very much together.

Rumour has it that the pair, who have been romantically linked together since 2006, has gone their separate ways, when Lynn denied that she has ever dated the singer in the first place earlier on.

In response, Aaron, who has always kept mum when quizzed about his love life, did what he rarely does by defending the 31-year-old China-born model.

"The reports about Lynn and I are rather unfair to her. Hope you guys can give me and Lynn space to have a normal relationship.

"I know everyone is very concerned about my love life, but I've always been keeping a low profile, which led to the speculations," he said.

Asked whether he's in "in a normal relationship" with Lynn, he said: "Yes, I've been in the showbiz for so long and I don't want to announce my love life to the world. This has something to do with my personality and nothing to do with anyone."

The media pressed further and asked him whether Lynn remains his ladylove, he replied with a laugh: "I don't know how to answer this!"

He added: "My priority has always been my career and I know you guys care about me, but I'm not a kid and I wish to protect my friends of the opposite sex. Please give me space to handle my relationships in a healthy environment."

The 46-year-old megastar, who is the only bachelor among the Four 'Heavenly Kings' of Cantopop, promised to go public if he gets married one day.

"I'm a traditional man who hopes to have a family if I have the chance. Just give me some time," he said.

Asked whether Lynn is a wife material, he replied: "(I have to) think about it first."