Always a Lady

Michelle Yeoh glanced at her watch, not just because theMalaysian actress is brand ambassador for Richard Mille timepieces.

But because the night was turning out to be like The Artist, the Oscar-winning Best Picture this year - silent.

The microphone conked out, so quick-thinking presenter, local actor Adrian Pang, at his Shakespearean best, boomed at guests: "It takes a real lady to be a lady. Here's Michelle Yeoh!"

And the star stepped up at the premiere of her new film, The Lady, to say, as loud as her small frame could muster: "Why don't you all go in and watch the film first, and then I'll come back later and we can talk about it?"

Talk about a lady - she had to wait about two hours for us to finish watching the movie.

The Ipoh-born-and-bred native turned global citizen is the most un-diva celebrity you could meet.

She's professional, focused and articulate. That she is also a classically handsome woman is a bonus.

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