Cherrie warns woman to stop seducing hubby

Hong Kong actor Jordan Chan Siu-Chun and wife Cherrie Ying. (Inset) Jordan and Chinese actress Julia Jiang Yufei in a photo posted on weibo.

Cherrie Ying has warned a woman to stop "seducing" her husband Jordan Chan Siu-Chun.

Married for only two years, the Hong Kong actor was said to be "pursued by an admirer".

The rumours emerged following a weibo post of Cherrie, in which she said: "If that woman still dares to send weird messages and photos to Mr Chan, I will post your name and phone number on weibo. Hear it?"

This post was forwarded 12,000 times and received over 6,000 comments within three hours, with most people showing their concerns and supports for Cherrie.

Some people teased Jordan, by saying: "Wei Xiaobao still has six quotas!"

Wei is a character in famous novelist Jin Yong's The Deer and the Cauldron. When TVB turned the story into the 1998's drama The Duke of Mount Deer, Jordan played the role of a man with eight wives.

Cherrie later removed her post.

Although the couple has kept quiet over the identity of "the woman", it was speculated that she is a co-star of Jordan in the Dark Wedding.

Chinese actress Julia Jiang Yufei, 23, has become the prime suspect as she had posted a photo of her and Jordan on weibo in January, with the words: "Thank you Brother Chan for the warm lunch."

On Feb 19, she wrote: "I hope to be a good wife and mother, but where is that man?"

After increased speculation that Julia was "the woman", she made an announcement that she would quit showbiz, citing health problems.

Some artistes, however, have stepped forward to clear her name.

Among them were Dark Wedding actresses Theresa Fu from Hong Kong, Taiwanese Miki Lee and Chinese star Ban Jiajia.

Meanwhile, China's most-hated woman, Luo Yufeng has admitted to being "the woman" but nobody believes her.

Better known as Feng Jie (Sister Feng), she became famous for a list of extreme demands for a boyfriend including that the man must be a post-graduate of economics from Tsinghua University or Beijing University and that he should not work for state companies unless they were big corporations or top banks.

Feng is also known for her inane remarks including "My IQ, no one can compare in 300 years before and after", "Einstein is for sure not smarter than me", "After two to three years, I for sure will become Obama's lover", "One day, I read a book on Obama's speeches, I read one page and think it's ok" and many others.

However, Cherrie's manager clarified that "the woman" was not from within the industry.

Responding to her post, Cherrie, 28, said: "I will not comment further, I have already made my stance! I would like to thank everyone for their support."

Jordan, 44, said: "The only thing I can say is, I love my wife very much!"