Jacky Cheung's wife sexually harassed

Wife of Hong Kong pop singer Jacky Cheung was allegedly sexually harassed twice by a manager of a gym in Hong Kong.

Chinese media reports said the former actress, May Lo Mei-mei, is a member of The Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) and visits some of its clubhouses every Monday to Saturday.

During each visit, she spends about four hours at the gym and is said to have established a good relationship with the workers there.

The first incident occurred when May's eyes were uncomfortable while she was working out on a fitness bike. The manager then went to her and asked: "Need me to help you blow your eyes? Blow or not blow?"

May felt humiliated and sexually harassed by his statement. She then told her husband and HKJC about the incident.

The manager was reprimanded but did not learn his lesson.

In a second incident, when May injured a finger at the gym, the manager stretched out his middle finger and asked her: "Which part of your finger is injured?"

Cheung, who could not stand his wife being harassed again, wrote an official complaint to HKJC, resulting in the manager being sacked.

May and Cheung have been married since 1996. They have two daughters, aged six and 11.

She and Cheung started dating after collaborating in "Devoted to You" in 1985. She retired from the silver screen seven years later when their relationship became stable.

May first became popular after shooting Raymond Wong's "Happy Ghost" series in the 1980s.