Shu Qi cries in park after nude photos circulated

Dragged into the dispute between Donnie Yen and Vincent Zhao, Taiwanese actress Shu Qi has become the latest victim in the war of words that have hogged media headlines lately.

The two top kungfu stars fell out over some disagreements and differences of opinion while working on their new film 'Special Identity'.

According to reports, the issue began when Zhao, who shot to fame playing Wong Fei Hung in the fourth and fifth instalments of Once Upon a Time in China, was dropped from the cast of the film.

He was replaced by Hong Kong action star Andy On.

The Chinese press reported that Zhao was difficult on the set of the new movie, for which Yen is the producer, action director and lead actor.

In response, Zhao told reporters that it was Yen who was difficult, claiming that Yen changed the script and reduced his role.

Since then, Yen has threatened legal action against Zhao for defamation and a host of celebrities have stepped out in support for either party.

Shu Qi fell victim to online attacks after she openly spoke out in support of Yen's professional attitude, saying that he is "serious about every scene so that it is beautifully presented to the audiences."

"Even though he was shivering in the cold weather and suffering from cramps, he did his best to carry on shooting whenever he heard the word 'Actor!'" she wrote in a March 20 Weibo post.

"He is a good big brother, good actor and good man," she added.

Zhao supporters quickly hit back with unrestrained attacks, where things escalated to a point where an anonymous netizen dug up her old nude photos and posted them on her page, saying they were for 're-visiting'.

Distraught, Shu Qi then removed all her messages on Weibo and stopped following others. The account was left empty with '0 Weibos' and '0 Following' when last checked.

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