Sheila Majid's tower of song

Datuk Sheila Majid will be on top of the world on April 25….almost.

She'll be singing at the revolving restaurant called Atmosphere 360 on top of the sky-high KL Tower for a secretaries' week event.

The 47-year-old evergreen singer, who is synonymous with Malaysian pop culture, will be performing seven songs including her megahits Sinaran and Antara Anyir dan Jakarta.

"These are songs that people want to hear. I have to sing for the audience even if I have been singing them for years. A performance is no longer about me. It's about the people who come to listen to me. That's the most important thing. I can't not sing Sinaran. It's my rezeki song," she says.

Sheila is keen to update her legacy with new material but laments that she can't find any songs as good as her greatest hits.

She's been listening to dozens of songs over the past two years and still can't find any that are suitable.

"I'm looking for strong melodies. I've heard dozens of songs but today's composers care more about tempo and rhythm than melodies and lyrics. I mean, I scold my daughter for listening to Nicky Minaj. I'm like 'What in the world is this?' Maybe it's because I'm but very little new music impresses me," she says.

Sheila does make an exception when it comes to singers Yuna and Najwa Mahiaddin.

She was so impressed with their songs that she asked them to write songs for her .

However, the jazz queen thinks they're intimidated to do so.

"They never got back to me," she says.

However, Sheila has identified an old Indonesian song that she wants to cover but is hush- hush about the details.

"The composer of the song just passed away and I need to clear the rights first. Besides, if I tell you the name of the song, someone else might do it," she says.

But meanwhile, if you want to catch the living legend on April 25 , A Day with Living Legend - Sheila Majid, tickets are priced from RM500 per person to RM6500 per table.

For enquiries, call Siti at 013-3377710 or Jojo at 012-6903058.

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