Fei Xiang plays evil sorcerer

Veteran singer and Broadway actor Fei Xiang (also known as Kris Phillips) has ditched his suave, dapper appearance in a bid to be taken seriously as an actor.

The 51-year-old Chinese-American, who became one of Mandopop's most celebrated icons in the 80s, plays an evil, demonic sorcerer in the upcoming supernatural flick Painted Skin: Resurrection.

A sequel to 2008's Painted Skin, the horror film - which opens here on June 28 - also stars actresses Zhao Wei, Yang Mi and Zhou Xun.

Sporting a bald head and fiery red streaks on his face, Fei looks nothing like the ageless, handsome pop idol he is.

"I've tried very hard not to let audiences recognise me...I'm not worried at all that playing a baddie will put people off," he told reporters.

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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